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Yellow Discharge in Early Pregnancy, Is It Normal?

yellow discharge in early pregnancy

Natural discharge during pregnancy is extremely typical, due to the escalation in the extra circulation of the body towards the oral area and also the degrees of estrogen. Nevertheless, the look of the release may differ in shade and consistence and may happen for numerous factors. As-is a mild yellow release, a bright discharge that [Baca selengkapnya…]

Pregnancy Cravings and Gender Prediction ! Myth or True?

pregnancy cravings and gender

Pregnancy cravings and gender – Cravings for food are experienced by nearly all women sooner or later during pregnancy. Although these cravings may be to get a particular kind of cooking or uncommon food, they usually range from the desire to have salty nice or greasy foods. Occasionally, actually nonfood items provide as cravings. Although [Baca selengkapnya…]

Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test

When your period is late, the first thought on your mind is: I must be pregnant. Well, the next thing you know is you take pregnancy test or online pregnancy test and the result is negative. How can this happen? Isn’t late period the obvious indication of pregnancy? Well, it is not always like that. [Baca selengkapnya…]

When are the best times to take a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy is a very beautiful time which must be expected by many women. It is very reasonable then if probably you think you are pregnant for the missed period. But is that true? It is by remembering the fact that missed period is not only because of the pregnancy. Even stress and health problem can [Baca selengkapnya…]

How Early Can You Take a Pregnancy Test

A baby will be such a blessing in your life. So, it is very normal if you go back and forth taking pregnancy tests almost every single day while hoping the positive sign will appear. However, taking a pregnancy test can be very exhausting, especially if you keep getting negative test result. But there is [Baca selengkapnya…]

When Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

sexual intercourse with her spouse. In order to obtain the right answer, pregnancy test cannot be done at anytime. It has to be done in precise time. It is necessary to really pay attention to this to avoid getting a misleading result. Some factors can contribute to whether you have to take a pregnancy test [Baca selengkapnya…]

How Soon Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

How soon can I take a pregnancy test is the first question that a mother to be has in mind. She usually has this question right after she has the sexual intercourse with the spouse. She may keep questioning it until a week after the sexual intercourse. However, keeping in mind that taking a pregnancy [Baca selengkapnya…]

When to Take a Pregnancy Test

When to Take a Pregnancy Test

1/5 (1) When to take a pregnancy test is a big question. Pregnancy is an important thing for a married couple. It is everything especially for the mothers. It has been something a married couple has always been waiting for and it has been something mothers would love to find out. The only way to [Baca selengkapnya…]

Early Pregnancy Test Online

early pregnancy test online

Nowadays, the early pregnancy test online might be such one of the ideas or ways which are often taken by women to know whether they are pregnant or not. That becomes one of the ideas for the home early pregnancy test. In today’s life, getting anything online is such the simple yet effective way but [Baca selengkapnya…]

Free Online Pregnancy Test

free online pregnancy test

4.4/5 (5) Getting such the free online pregnancy test is one of the good ideas in getting an early test of the pregnancy. Nowadays, everything can be so possible since the technology makes everything much simpler so that we need to feel that lucky living in this digital era when everything is made to be [Baca selengkapnya…]

Main Features of Online Pregnancy Test Accurate

Test pack must be not something new when you need to test whether you are pregnant or not. However, if you think you cannot buy it in the drugstore for any reason, you can take advantages of the online pregnancy test. So, what is it? It is basically a sort of apps you can install [Baca selengkapnya…]

Simple Online Pregnancy Test before Missed Period

Online Pregnancy Test

5/5 (3) The indicator of pregnancy commonly only deals with the missed period. Of course, it is not true. It is just a general perception which is thought by people. The fact, even when you are not pregnant, sometimes you also experience the missed period, don’t you? There are actually other signs or indicators that [Baca selengkapnya…]

5 Things to Know about Online Pregnancy Test App

Pregnancy is something that must be awaited for many women. Yes, having a baby must be really interesting mainly if you have been already expecting it for a long time. There are many ways actually you can do in order to know whether you are pregnant or not. The simplest way is by using test [Baca selengkapnya…]

5 Causes of Sleeping Issues during Pregnancy

During pregnancy you may need to adapt to a few changes. Remembering that a few things starting from hormonal change during pregnancy which causes some issues. The most common issues are nausea and morning sickness, rheumatic, and sleeping issues. Sleeping issues will increase when you enter the last trimester, remembering that the fetal growth will make it difficult for you to find a good sleeping position.

Ways to Overcome Nausea and Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

Morning sickness happens because of increase in hormone. During pregnancy the productions of estrogen and progesterone hormone increase so that it affects the neuron function and the functions of other body parts. As quoted from parents.com site according to Dr Marjorie Greenfield stated that around 70 percent women experience nausea at the beginning of pregnancy and around 50 percent experience morning sickness. Even though it is said to be very common but the symptoms in each individual are different. In some certain cases pregnant women might experience morning sickness all day long, only in the morning or some even experience it at night which affects her sleep time. Morning sickness usually happens on the sixth week of pregnancy or less and will increase until the eighth and ninth weeks of pregnancy.

Tips to Keep Anemia Away for Pregnant Women

At the first trimester of pregnancy, a lot of red blood cells are used for the fetal development so for you who has an anemia history will increase more than the other pregnant women. In Indonesia seven out of ten pregnant women experience anemia, either from before pregnancy or from the pregnancy itself. The increase happens at the second trimester of pregnancy, one of them is because of unbalanced eating pattern at the first trimester which is caused by health issues such as denial of food intake because of the decrease of appetite, nausea and morning sickness. Whereas at the beginning of pregnancy iron is needed two times than usual, the lack of nutrition is a considered factor. The amounts of calories, protein, fat, vitamin and mineral have to be fulfilled. Besides for you who are experiencing repeated pregnancy in a short period of time have high risk of anemia, this happens because the reserved iron is used again before you recover from the past pregnancy. Teenage pregnancies have high risks also and in pressured conditions (stress) before and during pregnancy.

Causes of Back Pain during Pregnancy

 The growing uterus takes effect on the gravitation, stretches out and weakens your abdominal muscles, changes your body posture and gives pressure on your back. This can also cause back pain if it suppresses your nerve. Besides, weight gain also affects your muscles to work even harder that causes stress on joints, and your back may even hurts more at night.

Life Style, Obesity during Pregnancy Will Affect Your Baby’s Health

Your child has diabetes? Why does it happen while you have matched the nutrition amount with the right diet? Some diabetes type 2 is affected by lifestyle which is found in unhealthy children. Do you know that the pregnancy time will also give a little part to the children? Pregnant mother who has obesity is defined in general as when she has body mass index (BMI) for more than 30. BMI is the measure of obesity which is calculated by using weight and height. About 15-20% pregnant mother has obesity. Obesity during pregnancy will raise complication for you and the baby. The fatter you are the bigger possibility to get pregnancy complication.

When the Pregnancy Exceeds the Actual Time

When the pregnancy timeexceeds the normal time, or more than 42 weeks, as a mother you will be worried by this thing. It will be better if you consult with the obstetricians about this thing, so your doctor can determine if your pregnancy time really exceeds the actual time or if there is small mistake. Using this way, the obstetrician can decide whether the childbirth should be done or not.