Causes of Back Pain during Pregnancy

Besides, pregnancy hormonal change loosens up joints and ligaments on your pelvis to your backbone. This might make you feel unstable and cause pain when walking, standing up, sitting for a long time, rolling on bed, and standing up when we sit on chairs or when you clean up the bathtub, driving, or lifting a heavy load.

You are not alone. About three quarters pregnant ladies feel back pain in a few spots. It is often the pain appears on the next month or hurts more as the pregnancy grows. The back pain may still be there after giving birth, but post labor back pain usually heals in a few months.

The good news is that there is no relation between back pain and the pregnancy result.

What is the most common lower back pain that happen during pregnancy?

The experts state that two general patterns of lower back pain that happen during pregnancy, Lumbar (backbone pain), happens on the backbone area on lower back, and pelvis posterior (pelvis area) that is felt on the back of the pelvis. Some women get symptoms of both types of back pain.

Lower back pain is also the same thing as the one you might feel before your pregnancy. You might also experience pain spreading to your feet. Sitting or standing up in a long period and lifting usually makes it hurt even more, and it tends to be more intense in a few days.

When a pregnant woman feels pelvis posterior pain, which is felt on the lower area of your body, you may feel pain in your butt, on one or two sides or the back of your thighs. This might be triggered by activities such as, walking, going up the stairs, coming in and out when cleaning the bathtub or sitting on a chair, rolling on the bed, or turning around and lifting.

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