When are the best times to take a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy is a very beautiful time which must be expected by many women. It is very reasonable then if probably you think you are pregnant for the missed period. But is that true? It is by remembering the fact that missed period is not only because of the pregnancy. Even stress and health problem can be the causes. Therefore, you need to take the very right times to take a pregnancy test in order to find out the most accurate result. So, when is it? Here are some times which are considered as the most effective to do a test by using test pack. Check them out.

Your First Urine after Waking Up

In the morning, just after you wake up from the bed, is considered as the right time to do a pregnancy test using test pack. It is because of the presence of highest concentration of HCG in your urine just after waking up. It means if you use test pack to check out whether you are pregnant or not, the positive indicator can be more clearly seen.

A Week after Your Missed Period

Are you experienced missed period recently? As it has been mentioned above, you should not do the test if it is still only in two or three days. At least, you do the test after around a week from the date of your regular period schedule. Of course, few days of missing period means that the indicator or sign is still not clearly seen. So, just be more patient.

A Week after Sex

You are probably not patient enough to know whether there is a fetus in your womb or not. Well, it is actually possible to check it before your missed period. It is by testing it around a week after sex. So, what kind of sex is it? It is if you are sure that the sex is done during the fertile time. Therefore, the conception is done earlier and the indicator of pregnancy is much easier to see.

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