Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test

When your period is late, the first thought on your mind is: I must be pregnant. Well, the next thing you know is you take pregnancy test or online pregnancy test and the result is negative. How can this happen? Isn’t late period the obvious indication of pregnancy? Well, it is not always like that. There are plenty causes why missed period and not all of them are caused by pregnancy. Below, you will read several most-common reasons why period is late but not because of pregnancy. Hopefully, the explanation below will help you to stay calm if your period is late but the pregnancy test came back negative.

You are Stressed and Anxious

The most reasonable explanation why period is late but you are not pregnant is because you are stressed and you have anxiety. When the body is stressed and burdened, the body is going to produce hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Cortisol is produced from the progesterone. It is the hormone that is supposed to be responsible of maintaining your uterus and menstrual cycle. If you are stressed, worried, and emotionally unstable, the progesterone will be more concentrating in producing cortisol rather than maintaining your menstrual cycle. As the result, your menstrual cycle might be delayed.

You are on Medication

Consuming medicines and drugs can seriously affect the menstrual cycle. There are certain medications that can trigger late period. The most obvious one is birth control pills. If you are on birth control pills, you will have huge possibility of getting late periods. Birth control pills interrupt the menstrual cycle and that is why you get late period. Beside of birth control pills, your period will be mostly late if you are on antidepressant, chemotherapy drugs, and antipsychotic drugs. All of them are causing late period or even irregularity.

You are Suffering Hormonal Imbalanced

There are plenty of women out there who are suffering hormonal imbalance. Period or menstrual cycle is heavily related to hormones. If the hormones are not balanced, most likely, the women will suffer from late period or even irregular menstrual cycle. The imbalance of the hormones is causing problems in the uterus as well. So, it makes sense that the period and menstrual cycle is messed up when someone has hormonal imbalance.

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