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Is it the day where your period comes but it is not? Well, if you are sexually active it is possible for you to get pregnant. Of course, you need to be grateful if it is true. Maybe, you need to buy a test pack now to make sure whether you are really pregnant or not. However, it is a good idea as well to answer the quiz below and then follow the completeonline pregnancy test quiz at the end of article.



Do you see any blood spot on your panties? The spots are commonly found during the implantation between two menstruation periods. You should not worry as it is actually something common during the earlier time of pregnancy. You can name it small bleeding or hemorrhaging. However, something you should pay attention more is if the fact you are not pregnant. It is not bad to check it up deeper.

Urinating More Often


Do you urinate more often? Another problem comes during the earlier time of pregnancy is about urinating. Urinating more often can be one of the signs of pregnancy. Even, many women must urinate around 7 to 12 times in a day due to the increasing of body’s temperature.

Body’s Temperature is increased

pregnancy test online

Do you think your body’s temperature is higher? This is probably something that cannot be realized so easily. But that’s true; your body’s temperature is getting increased even for a bit when you are pregnant. It is a natural thing as your basal temperature tends to be higher after the ovulation. Then, when it is still higher until around two weeks later, it can be a sign for pregnancy.

Missed Period

missed period

Do you experience any missed period currently? This is a very clear sign which is known by people. It is mainly if your periods come regularly before. You can wait it for around two weeks from the day the period should come. Besides, you need to make sure as well that there is no any other factors like sickness, stress, drug consumption, and many others.

Feel Tired

feel tired

After having some signs mentioned above, do you also feel tired currently? Well, it is actually quite difficult to differ whether your tiredness is because of pregnant or not. Therefore, make sure you also experience other signs before concluding that you are pregnant.

Feel Nauseous

Pregnancy morning sickness

Do you feel very nauseous? You can call it morning sickness as well. However, different from the name, it can be felt in the morning, afternoon, evening, and even night. Not all pregnant women experience this thing actually.

Bigger and Smoother Breasts

pregnancy Bigger Breast

Do you think your breasts are getting bigger and smoother? Okay, many women may like this fact but more than that, it can be a sign that you are pregnant. It is due to the hormone change in your body. You know, breasts are basically an indicator of how hormones work in women’s body. When you think there is any change in your breasts, you should pay attention more.

Darker Areola

pregnancy darker aeorla

Do you see your areolas are getting darker? If you see the areas around your nipples are getting darker, it can be one of pregnancy indicators. Again, it is because of the change of hormones. This thing is commonly done around a week after the conception.

Below is the complete online pregnancy test quiz to determine if your symptoms are pregnancy-related

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