Life Style, Obesity during Pregnancy Will Affect Your Baby’s Health

If you have obesity during pregnancy the problem that you should face are miscarriage, usually the baby dies in the uterus before the 20th week of the pregnancy, besides, for some cases the dead birth occurs when the pregnancy reaches more than 20 weeks. Diabetes also haunts you. There is also complication during pregnancy and the birth of big baby needs caesarean section.

Besides, obesity actually makes your baby health is in dangerous condition. Some babies which are born from mother who has obesity will face some abnormality such as birth defect, including neural tube defects (NTDS) which is one of birth defects which happens to brain and spine. The baby who is birth prematurely or having injury such as the baby is too big. Death is one of the things which affect your baby when the complication because of the obesity is in the serious category. The possible thing that will happen is there will be overweight during children time which can lead to children obesity. Even though obesity will affect you and your body, diet program during pregnancy will affect your health and also the baby’s health. When you are pregnant the food supply is very needed for your embryo development.

The increasing of body weight can be categorized as normal if it happens in between 5 and 10 kg during your pregnancy.

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