How Soon Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

How soon can I take a pregnancy test is the first question that a mother to be has in mind. She usually has this question right after she has the sexual intercourse with the spouse. She may keep questioning it until a week after the sexual intercourse. However, keeping in mind that taking a pregnancy test has to be done in the right time is important. It is because if it is not, the mother to be will likely to have the wrong result which can be very upsetting. If this is what happens to you previously, you may want to read the following information which can be helpful to you.

Within the Eight up to Eleventh Week

A woman can take the pregnancy test as soon as your period is late. If until two or three weeks later, she still does not have the period, it will be good to have her tested. It is because the fetus is the one who produces hCg hormone. The amount of this hormone will be at the highest around the second month of pregnancy. The amount is usually shown by mIU/ml. Within the two weeks after the missed period is late the hormone will reach its highest amount which can reach up to 100 mIU/ml. This is really a strong indication that a woman is pregnant. Thus, every woman needs to know that this is really the best time to take a pregnancy test. The urine is at the stage where it contains high level of hCG. The pregnancy test devices will likely to show a positive result which every woman has been waiting for.

Some Time after You Stop Taking Medication

Recognizing what type of medication a woman has been taking is very important. It is a good idea to ask the doctor whether a woman has been taking painkillers or antibiotics or other types of medication. It is because generally painkillers and antibiotics do not affect the test results. However, some types of medication contain hCG, the hormone which a pregnant woman usually produces. These types of medication are the ones which can cause pregnancy test devices to show false results. A woman may wonder why the doctor tells her that she is not pregnant while the pregnancy test device shows a contradictory result. It is because the devices detect the hCG that the medication contains and not the hCg which the fetus produces. It can be very disappointing to some women. Therefore, it is suggested to ask the doctor what types of medication she has been taking so far. The doctor may also suggest that a woman stop taking medication containing hCG for certain period of time in order to avoid false results.

As pregnancy is an important event to almost all women, they have to know how pregnancy device work, in what time hCG is at its highest, and the medication they have been taking. By understanding all of this information, the women know precisely when to take the free pregnancy test and do not keep asking how soon can I take a pregnancy test?

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