Tips to Keep Anemia Away for Pregnant Women

In general anemia will be considered normal if you only experience the light symptoms. Some women worry they might experience severe anemia caused by lack of iron or certain types of vitamins. The symptoms of anemia that might be experienced by pregnant women are loss of appetite which affects loss of stamina, you would be more susceptible to infection, feeling dizzy in a sudden and some body parts like nails, face, eyelids and lips look pale. A severe condition of anemia might cause shortness of breath and weak heart. Anemia causes decrease of body endurance which is caused by the iron that keeps on decreasing takes effect on white blood cells so that the power to fight microorganisms diminishes. For you who work at the office the symptoms experienced is the lack of focus. Anemia is really dangerous if left in pregnant women. The risk of premature babies, miscarriages, birth defects and so on. So that not only the health of the baby is threatened but your health is also. For you who actively works everyday it is recommended to watch out your nutrition intake during pregnancy.

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