Simple Online Pregnancy Test before Missed Period

The indicator of pregnancy commonly only deals with the missed period. Of course, it is not true. It is just a general perception which is thought by people. The fact, even when you are not pregnant, sometimes you also experience the missed period, don’t you? There are actually other signs or indicators that tell that you are pregnant even before the missing period. So, what are they? Check them out.

The Increasing of Sensitivity toward Smells

Your sensitivity particularly toward smells is getting increased. You probably feel a little bit surprised when you can smell the aroma of dishes cooked by your neighbor. It is when commonly you are not like that. If you experience such a thing, be careful, maybe you are pregnant. The reason of this sensitivity is because of the progesterone is increased during the earlier time of pregnancy.

Online Pregnancy Test

Feeling Nauseous

As you can smell anything more sensitively, there will be a side effect for you. It is much easier for you to feel nauseous mainly if you don’t like the smells. This indicator is also called as morning sickness although your nausea must not only happen in the morning. It is commonly experienced around a week after the conception until your pregnancy is around six week.


Another important thing you need to pay attention is spotting. It can be a good tiding if you are really pregnant. The blood spots are appeared due to the ovum implantation and conception in your womb.


Just like before your monthly period, you can also experience such a cramp around your stomach. Not only is it because of the hormones, it is also happened for the implantation of ovum on the womb. The implantation is done about 8 to 10 week after the ovulation. Many women think that it is just ordinary period cramp because the time is almost the same.

Urinating Too Often

This is probably really disturbing particularly if you have any regular work or activities. Yes, you may urinate to often even until 7 – 12 times in a day. Why is it happened? In the earlier time of pregnancy your body’s temperature tends to be increased. This is something which is women commonly don’t realize. In general your body’s temperature is higher during the ovulation. When it is still high until two weeks later, it can be an indicator that you are pregnant.

Breasts are Getting Bigger and Painful

There are many hormone changes during the earlier times of pregnancy. One of the indicators of those hormone changes is all related to your breasts. If you think your breasts are getting bigger and they feel painful, it can be a sign for a pregnancy. Besides, the breasts also tend to be more sensitive even with very smooth touches.

Tired and Headache

Undeniably, your body will not feel well when you are pregnant. After feeling thermal and nauseous, other common things you may experience are headache and feeling tired. Those are because of the artery is which is getting bigger and your blood pressure which is decreased. That’s why, it is really suggested for the pregnant women to keep eating healthily and take rests more.

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