5 Causes of Sleeping Issues during Pregnancy

Here are 5 causes of sleeping issues during pregnancy and how to cope with it:

1.  Your Digestion System

Pregnancy will hamper your digestion system so that the body ability to absorb nutrition will also decrease. In some cases pregnant women who are not able to fulfill fiber and liquid needed in her body may be susceptible to constipation. Especially when entering the last trimester where the fetus grows even more which causes pressure to a pregnant woman’s intestines. Besides pregnant women often experience a burning feeling on digestion or heartburn that often happens at night which might bother your sleeping pattern. To cope with this problem it is better to sleep upright on a chair when taking a nap or if it is not possible the best solution is to consult to a doctor.

2.   Sleeping Position

The next cause of your sleeping issues is your sleeping position, when pregnancy grows bigger you will find it difficult to sleep comfortably. So for you who are entering the third trimester of pregnancy it is very recommended to sleep tilted to the left because it will make your blood flows easier to the placenta. Even so it doesn’t mean you have to avoid sleeping tilted to the right, in general you can get a comfortable sleeping position by adapting to your growing belly.

3.   Nightmare Issue during Pregnancy

Sleeping issue that might happen to you is nightmare during pregnancy which keeps you up at night. If you are lacking of stress management it causes you to up until morning or you may find it difficult to have a good quality of sleep. A few things that worry you about pregnancy are the cause of your nightmare. Therefore for you who are entering the latest period of pregnancy it is best for you to relax and get enough rest in the afternoon.

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