Pregnancy Knowledge

Yellow Discharge in Early Pregnancy, Is It Normal?

yellow discharge in early pregnancy

Natural discharge during pregnancy is extremely typical, due to the escalation in the extra circulation of the body towards the oral area and also the degrees of estrogen. Nevertheless, the look of the release may differ in shade and consistence and may happen for numerous factors. As-is a mild yellow release, a bright discharge that has the persistence of eggwhites is regular. Nevertheless, a heavy orange or yellow discharge in early pregnancy that always includes a bad smell may be the sign of contamination or the illness and may possibly be brought on by among the following elements:

• Bacterial Vaginosis – often called BV, this problem describes contamination that's caused by an imbalance of microorganisms, within the canal or the vagina.It may be sent through intercourse, as being a candidiasis. Some signs affiliates with BV really are perhaps a yellow release that's a bad smell or a feeling while

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Pregnancy Cravings and Gender Prediction ! Myth or True?

pregnancy cravings and gender

Pregnancy cravings and gender - Cravings for food are experienced by nearly all women sooner or later during pregnancy. Although these cravings may be to get a particular kind of cooking or uncommon food, they usually range from the desire to have salty nice or greasy foods. Occasionally, actually nonfood items provide as cravings. Although these cravings are likely caused by metabolic and hormonal modifications that occur in a body, some suggest that the baby’s gender could be exposed on the basis of the character of those cravings.

Pathophysiology of Cravings During Pregnancy

  Cravings are a well-known anticipated and sign of pregnancy. For such food-related cravings, many ideas occur. Hormonal alterations are recognized to change odor and flavor, that might clarify the desire to have particular, sometimes uncommon meals. There is due to the large vitamin requirements of the infant a short-term dietary deficit also possible. Scarcity or an absence

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Understanding Hormones of Pregnancy

pregnancy hormones


During pregnancy, a female body will react by making changes and producing pregnancy hormones to support the pregnancy itself. These pregnancy hormones are useful to support the pregnancy especially for the baby to develop well. It’s good for pregnant women to know about hormones produced during pregnancy and also the functions and effects caused by them, so there will not be any misunderstandings or even turning them into pregnancy myths for the changes that happen during pregnancy. These are a few hormones produced during pregnancy, and the functions and effects caused:

Pregnancy Hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin)

This hormone will only be found in the body of a pregnant woman, it’s made by embryo right after fertilization and also because of placenta tissues. The pregnancy hormone that is produced by villi choriales causes the increasing of progesterone production by the egg and suppresses period and takes care of the pregnancy.

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Myths about Pregnancy

myths about pregnancy


Myths about pregnancy are all around and spread in the society. Some even believe those myths. And not every myth is true. So that parents are not misled of those pregnancy myths, here are some explanations of those myths.

Drinking coconut water can quicken your labor

There are no researches yet that prove this myth, because how quick your labor is, is caused by a lot of factors. But coconut water is useful for making the amniotic fluid white and clean.

No sex during the first trimester

There are no researches yet that prove that sex could cause miscarriage. So as long as it doesn’t hurt or uncomfortable, you may do that.

Darken neck or nipples indicate you’re going to have a baby boy

Color change on neck or nipples has nothing to do with the sex of the baby. Color change is caused by the increase of progesterone

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Things Should Not Do During Pregnancy

not to do during pregnant


Getting pregnant is such an immeasurably gift from The Almighty. Pregnancy is something that needs to be taken care of and maintained very well so that you will give birth to a healthy and superior baby. But there are times when a pregnant woman doesn’t know very well about things that should and should not to do during pregnancy, especially on their first pregnancy. These are what a pregnant woman needs to know to take care of their baby and keep it healthy and superior. These are things should not do during pregnancy.

Wearing High Heeled Shoes

High heeled shoes could cause muscles stretching in the waist area. Pregnant women tend to feel more pain and stiffness in the waist area. This is caused by body pivot change that happens during pregnancy, where body tend to lean forward, so when a pregnant woman tries to enforce her body by

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How Do I Get Pregnant and Have A Boy or A girl Baby?

There are a lot of methods to decide your child’s sex and one of the best is the shettles method. This method has more than 75% chance to succeed.

Basically, men produce sperms with two types of gene chromosomes, XX (female) and XY (male). Dr Shettles’ research showed that:

XY Chromosome (male)

  • Smaller size of sperm
  • Vitality is weak, but moves faster (aggressive) than XX chromosome that is bigger

XX Chromosome (female)

  • Bigger size of sperm
  • Vitality is stronger but slower

There are a few things that can be done to increase the chance to get a baby boy or a baby girl:

  1. On ovulation (fertile time) will have bigger chance to get a baby boy, because XY sperm tend to be faster and reaches the egg first. It is best to have sex on ovulation, if you want a baby boy. And if you want a baby girl, it

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Fetal Senses Development and How to Communicate with the Fetus

Pregnancy is the moment every couple who wants to have a child in their family most waiting for. A child can make a family feel more alive, dynamic and complete. A child creates a whole new nuance in a family, a more alive two-way communication which initially only between a husband and a wife, now becomes among parents and the child. Communication is an important way to educate a child in becoming the expected human being.

Communicating with a child can be started from very early stage, moreover, since he/she is a fetus. Concerning parents can communicate with a fetus while the baby is still in the womb; this will create a closer bond and become an unforgettable pleasant experience.  

There several ways of communication parents can do with their baby in the womb, certainly by understanding the stages of senses growth and development in order to build a

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Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms are what a woman really hopes when she’s expecting a baby. The pregnancy shows that the couple has good fertility level and also shows that they don’t have any significant health issues. With the pregnancy symptoms approaching, arrival of the baby is only a matter of time. A family feels more complete with the presence of a very expected baby.

But there are times when a couple doesn’t really understand about those pregnancy symptoms. Sometimes they still get confused about differentiating which are the real pregnancy symptoms with menstruation ones, because in a lot of cases some pregnancy symptoms are quite similar with menstruation symptoms. Not knowing about these things could also cause, in a few cases, miscarriages.

These things happen because of an activity or food consumptions that are not supposed to be done during the pregnancy. Not knowing about pregnancy symptoms could also cause unsuccessful preparations

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Body Changes During First Trimester of Pregnancy

body changes during pregnancy

Your baby grows rapidly during the first trimester of pregnancy, and your body changes at the same time. However, most of these developments will go unnoticed by anyone except you and, to a lesser extent, your partner. Many women find it hard to believe that they look much the same as normal, but they do. Your uterus grows to accommodate the developing baby, but by the end of the first trimester it is still no bigger than an avocado pear. Few people will see any difference in your partner may notice that your breasts are fuller, and that your nipples have increased in size abs darkened. Some women do fill out a little.

The most noticeable affects of your pregnancy, though, will be in the way you feel rather than in the way that you look. Your breasts may tingle. You may experience a feeling of fullness in our abdomen.

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Emotional Changes During The First Trimester of Pregnancy

emotional changes during pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy can be a period when you with your spouse is going to be talking about all kinds of practical in addition to emotional changes problems. For instance, should you live in the same home or perhaps need to move someplace larger or even near to family? If you are staying put, do you need to make changes? Will you want to start decorating a nursery?

You have to think about whether you tell close family plus friends immediately, or if you hold a news to yourselves for a couple weeks. Keeping quite can give you a precious opportunity to enjoy and look toward this really special journey together. A lot of couples wait until they are past the twelfth week, and they realize that the pregnancy is well developed, before sharing the news.


Almost everybody encounters emotional changes at several period of the

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Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms is about to give you the sign wheter you're pregnant or not. All pregnancies are different and, accordingly, the symptoms of pregnancy are not the same for all women. However, there are symptoms that are common to most women in parts of pregnancy. It is important to know and understand what happens to the parts of the pregnancy only because every symptom may be independent of pregnancy. Some women know the moment of conception that they are pregnant, some feel the changes coming over the early weeks of the first quarter, and others have no symptoms at all. Listed below are several symptoms of pregnancy the most reported.

Implantation bleeding:

An early sign may be just 6-12 days after conception. When the fertilized egg implants in the wall of the uterus, blood can be released, resulting in a low spot and possible restrictions.

Changes in menstruation:

A period late or

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Pain Management in Childbirth

Pain in childbirth is normal, healthy, and productive -- and ends with the ecstasy of your baby's birth. Although management of labor pain plays less important role in a mother’s satisfaction with childbirth, compared with the quality of the relationship with her labor support and her ability to take part in decision making, it is an important topic.

 Pain in labor is a nearly universal experience for childbearing women. It is, however, experienced differently by birthing mothers. The majority of women, though, need some sort of pain relief during childbirth. Methods vary from drugs to natural methods, and it is worth considering the various options available to you well in advance.

Non-pharmacologic methods of labor pain relief are becoming more common as mothers, as well as pregnancy and labor caregivers, become more aware of the effectiveness of these methods. Changing positions and movement, warm water baths, massage and acupressure

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Ten Myth About Childbirth

Here's the skinny on childbirth. You will hear all kinds of stories about childbirth. What's true and what is simply a myth. We have listed ten of the most common myths about childbirth.

1. My water will break if I am truly in labor.
Amniotic fluid surrounds your baby during pregnancy. If you are in your last weeks of pregnancy you may be expecting a gush of water prior to the onset of labor. For most women their water does not break before labor begins and often does not break until you are in active labor if it breaks on it's own at all. In fact, quite often your doctor or midwife will break the bag of waters at some point during labor. 2. You will know when you are in labor.
Early labor can last hours and even days. Braxton Hicks contractions can feel very real and be difficult to

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Myth During Pregnancy Period

Pregnancy is a time for joy. It is a time when the parents-to-be look forward to the hold their bundle of joy in their arms. Unfortunately, not every mother-to-be is as knowledgeable about pregnancy as she should be. To add the confusion they are often misled by half truths and old wives tales when it comes to their pregnancy week by week. In order to have a healthy pregnancy, women must educate themselves on the early pregnancy symptoms and other pregnancy related issues.

Myth 1 Miscarriages

Many women worry about health issues during their pregnancy. One of the biggest concerns about pregnancy is miscarriages. Miscarriages happen, however, all spotting and bleeding are not signs of miscarriage. Still you must see a doctor immediately in case you have some.

Myth 2 weight gain

Mothers are also worried about their own health during pregnancy. Weight gain is a concern for most new mothers. With

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Best Tips on Getting Pregnant

 The best tips on getting pregnant include understanding your reproductive cycle, understanding conception positions and paying attention to your overall health. Getting pregnant and pregnancy is a wonderful event that is complex, satisfying and exciting. Here are seven best tips on getting pregnant:

1. Know your most fertile time - generally, ovulation occurs about 14 days before your next period begins. So if your cycle is a 28-day one, that could make day #14 your most fertile (day #1 is the first day that your last period began). If yours is a 30-day cycle, day #16 could be the time to go for it.

2. Track your basal body temperature - you'll need an inexpensive basal thermometer to chart the slight elevations in your body temperature upon awakening each day that signal your fertile time.

3. Watch for cervical mucus - this can be one of the best tips on getting pregnant

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