Pregnancy Knowledge

Yellow Discharge in Early Pregnancy, Is It Normal?

yellow discharge in early pregnancy

Natural discharge during pregnancy is extremely typical, due to the escalation in the extra circulation of the body towards the oral area and also the degrees of estrogen. Nevertheless, the look of the release may differ in shade and consistence and may happen for numerous factors. As-is a mild yellow

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Pregnancy Cravings and Gender Prediction ! Myth or True?

pregnancy cravings and gender

Pregnancy cravings and gender - Cravings for food are experienced by nearly all women sooner or later during pregnancy. Although these cravings may be to get a particular kind of cooking or uncommon food, they usually range from the desire to have salty nice or greasy foods. Occasionally, actually nonfood items

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Understanding Hormones of Pregnancy

pregnancy hormones


During pregnancy, a female body will react by making changes and producing pregnancy hormones to support the pregnancy itself. These pregnancy hormones are useful to support the pregnancy especially for the baby to develop well. It’s good for pregnant women to know about hormones produced during pregnancy and also

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Myths about Pregnancy

myths about pregnancy


Myths about pregnancy are all around and spread in the society. Some even believe those myths. And not every myth is true. So that parents are not misled of those pregnancy myths, here are some explanations of those myths.

Drinking coconut water can quicken your labor

There are no

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Things Should Not Do During Pregnancy

not to do during pregnant


Getting pregnant is such an immeasurably gift from The Almighty. Pregnancy is something that needs to be taken care of and maintained very well so that you will give birth to a healthy and superior baby. But there are times when a pregnant woman doesn’t know very well about

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How Do I Get Pregnant and Have A Boy or A girl Baby?

There are a lot of methods to decide your child’s sex and one of the best is the shettles method. This method has more than 75% chance to succeed.

Basically, men produce sperms with two types of gene chromosomes, XX (female) and XY (male). Dr Shettles’ research showed that:


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Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms are what a woman really hopes when she’s expecting a baby. The pregnancy shows that the couple has good fertility level and also shows that they don’t have any significant health issues. With the pregnancy symptoms approaching, arrival of the baby is only a matter of time. A

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Emotional Changes During The First Trimester of Pregnancy

emotional changes during pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy can be a period when you with your spouse is going to be talking about all kinds of practical in addition to emotional changes problems. For instance, should you live in the same home or perhaps need to move someplace larger or even near to

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Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms is about to give you the sign wheter you're pregnant or not. All pregnancies are different and, accordingly, the symptoms of pregnancy are not the same for all women. However, there are symptoms that are common to most women in parts of pregnancy. It is important to know

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Pain Management in Childbirth

Pain in childbirth is normal, healthy, and productive -- and ends with the ecstasy of your baby's birth. Although management of labor pain plays less important role in a mother’s satisfaction with childbirth, compared with the quality of the relationship with her labor support and her ability to take part

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