body changes during pregnancy

Body Changes During First Trimester of Pregnancy

body changes during pregnancyYour baby grows rapidly during the first trimester of pregnancy, and your body changes at the same time. However, most of these developments will go unnoticed by anyone except you and, to a lesser extent, your partner. Many women find it hard to believe that they look much the same as normal, but they do. Your uterus grows to accommodate the developing baby, but by the end of the first trimester it is still no bigger than an avocado pear. Few people will see any difference in your partner may notice that your breasts are fuller, and that your nipples have increased in size abs darkened. Some women do fill out a little.

Pregnancy Symptoms

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Ten Myth About Childbirth

Here’s the skinny on childbirth. You will hear all kinds of stories about childbirth. What’s true and what is simply a myth. We have listed ten of the most common myths about childbirth.

1. My water will break if I am truly in labor.
Amniotic fluid surrounds your baby during pregnancy. If you are in your last weeks of pregnancy you may be expecting a gush of water prior to the onset of labor. For most women their water does not break before labor begins and often does not break until you are in active labor if it breaks on it’s own at all. In fact, quite often your doctor or midwife will break the bag of waters at some point during labor.

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