Emotional Changes During The First Trimester of Pregnancy

emotional changes during pregnancyThe first trimester of pregnancy can be a period when you with your spouse is going to be talking about all kinds of practical in addition to emotional changes problems. For instance, should you live in the same home or perhaps need to move someplace larger or even near to family? If you are staying put, do you need to make changes? Will you want to start decorating a nursery?

You have to think about whether you tell close family plus friends immediately, or if you hold a news to yourselves for a couple weeks. Keeping quite can give you a precious opportunity to enjoy and look toward this really special journey together. A lot of couples wait until they are past the twelfth week, and they realize that the pregnancy is well developed, before sharing the news.


Almost everybody encounters emotional changes at several period of the pregnancy, and many women discover that different problems crop up throughout. It is really popular to get underlying fears about the health of the baby, particularly before you have gone through any of the antenatal tests. Many women feel anxious about how they will cope with the pregnancy, and how they will ideal with the labour and delivery. Additionally, married couples often doubt their capability to become good parents and be concerned about how they will cope with all the practicalities of caring for a child. Concern about the impact that a child will have on your financial situation, sexual relationship, careers and social lives can all surface during pregnancy.

It is important to keep a sense of perspective, and to realize that doubts and worries are perfectly normal. After all, you are embarking on a life changing event. However, if anxiety starts to dominate your thinking, it could be useful to confide in a close friend or family member who has had a child, in order to talk your midwife.
You could also encounter weird dreams regarding giving birth or being a mother. These dreams reflect the natural anxiety and emotional changes that you feel, and they are also a way of preparing psychologically for the new role ahead of you.


Some women discover that they do not experience a feeling of connection with their baby until afterwards in their pregnancy and often only after the birth. However, many women feel a bond with the developing baby early on, maybe as soon as they know they are pregnant. This is often a very special emotional feeling; suddenly the most important thing in the world is the health and well being of the tiny baby inside you.

Fathers usually do not feel a sense of bonding in the first months, when there is little outward sign of the baby’s presence. This is understandable, but many women find it hard to accept their partner is not quite so fascinated with the pregnancy as they are. Both partners may need to exercise some tolerance about the different ways that they react to the pregnancy.

It usually helps if the father gets involved right from the start. Ideally he will attend any scans so that he can see the baby on screen. Some men like to talk to the baby through the mother’s abdomen. Stroking the mother’s belly or enjoying music to the baby will also help fathers to sense more linked with the life they have designed.
No one knows how much unborn babies could hear or feel in the uterus, but some research shows that they learn to recognize their partners’ voices before they are born. The ears are formed by the seventh week, and it is known that external sounds filter through. Researchers have now found that unborn babies can also distinguish different intonation patterns so they may be able to recognize the speech sounds you and your partner make.

Communication with your baby can help you and your partner to bond with your unborn child, reduce emotional changes, just before he or she arrives into the community to become part of your family.

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