How Do I Get Pregnant and Have A Boy or A girl Baby?

There are a lot of methods to decide your child’s sex and one of the best is the shettles method. This method has more than 75% chance to succeed.

Basically, men produce sperms with two types of gene chromosomes, XX (female) and XY (male). Dr Shettles’ research showed that:

XY Chromosome (male)

  • Smaller size of sperm
  • Vitality is weak, but moves faster (aggressive) than XX chromosome that is bigger

XX Chromosome (female)

  • Bigger size of sperm
  • Vitality is stronger but slower

There are a few things that can be done to increase the chance to get a baby boy or a baby girl:

  1. On ovulation (fertile time) will have bigger chance to get a baby boy, because XY sperm tend to be faster and reaches the egg first. It is best to have sex on ovulation, if you want a baby boy. And if you want a baby girl, it is best to do it 3 days or more before ovulation. The following is how to know about your fertile time:
  • Decide your period time. Usually a normal period cycle is between 21 until 40 days. Where one period cycle starts from the first day of period until exactly one day before period the next month.
  • According to your period cycle, count and decide the approximate first day of period the next month, minus 14 days. Because ovulation starts 14 days before first day of period the next month.
  1. Ph on your vaginal area is very important. Acid area tend to produce a baby girl (acid kills XY sperm) and vice versa.
  2. Position and penetration depth when having sex. If shallow or closer to vagina usually produce a baby girl and if deeper will produce a baby boy.
  3. The amount of sperm also affects this. Big amount of sperm will increase the chance for a baby boy, there are two things that can be done:


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