Myths about Pregnancy


myths about pregnancyMyths about pregnancy are all around and spread in the society. Some even believe those myths. And not every myth is true. So that parents are not misled of those pregnancy myths, here are some explanations of those myths.

Drinking coconut water can quicken your labor

There are no researches yet that prove this myth, because how quick your labor is, is caused by a lot of factors. But coconut water is useful for making the amniotic fluid white and clean.

No sex during the first trimester

There are no researches yet that prove that sex could cause miscarriage. So as long as it doesn’t hurt or uncomfortable, you may do that.

Darken neck or nipples indicate you’re going to have a baby boy

Color change on neck or nipples has nothing to do with the sex of the baby. Color change is caused by the increase of progesterone and melanocyte (the hormone that controls skin pigmentation). Because darken nipples usually happens during pregnancy, either with a boy or a baby girl. Besides color change on skin and nipples, pregnant women also have blackish streaks on stomach and black lines from navel until pubis area. But all of these will disappear after giving birth.

If your Belly is round, then you’re going to have a baby girl

The shape of a pregnant woman’s stomach is oval or round depends on the fetus position in the womb. If the fetus lies athwart, your stomach will look wider. But if the fetus is lengthwise, then your stomach will look elevated. Besides, the stomach shape of a pregnant woman also depends on muscles elasticity and the volume of amniotic fluids. At a first pregnancy, the stomach will look round because the muscles are still tight. But after the first pregnancy, the muscles will loosen up. If a pregnant woman has a lot of amniotic fluids, her stomach will look bigger and rounder.

Eating too many oranges will increase slimes on the fetal lungs and risk of being yellow when born

This myth is false. Orange is a source of vitamin C and has fiber that is needed by a pregnant woman. Consuming oranges during pregnancy is much recommended.

If you want an intelligent baby and a smooth labor, have a lot of sex during pregnancy

It’s not true that sperm contains fertilizing substances and that if a fetus is exposed to the bursts could grow healthy and intelligent. The health of the baby in the womb has nothing to do with sperm and frequency of sex. Health and intelligence of the fetus are not affected by the sperm quality, but the genetic factors from both parents. Intelligent parents are also likely to give birth to an intelligent kid also. For mom to be that has had pregnancy damages, like miscarriage, placenta previa and others, it is better to not have sex for a while. Sex will increase the contraction of uterine muscles so a miscarriage risk or a premature baby born will also increase. Besides there is also risk of bleeding for the mom.

This myth came allegedly because people connect love and affection of the parents, where the mother’s psychological condition might be calmer and pleasant with often sex. The mother’s psychological also affects the baby she carries. A calm and happy mom to be will also support the growth and development of the baby, and the labor will also go well. But the opposite could also happen if the mom to be doesn’t enjoy the sex because she feels compelled or for duty only.

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