Myths about Pregnancy

Drinking ice will make the fetus grow big

Drinking ice during pregnancy will not cause the fetus grows big, unless if you put excessive syrup, honey, or sugar into the ice. Carbohydrate that contains in the sugar will make the baby weighs more.

Besides excessive sugar, the size of the fetus also depends on the genetic factor and nutrition. Big sized parents will potentially have big sized baby either. Good nutrition will affect the physical development of the fetus, so that the fetus can develop well. Some certain diseases, like diabetic, could also cause a bigger sized baby.

Pregnant women are not allowed to eat bananas, pineapples, and cucumbers

They believe that pineapple could cause miscarriage. Consuming bananas, pineapples, and cucumbers are even recommended because they are rich of vitamin C and important fibers to keep your body healthy and expedite the digestive disposal process.

Whitish discharge is not always dangerous. During pregnancy and even after giving birth, it is normal if the mother gets whitish discharge. Unless if the discharge is infected by bacterium, fungus, and virus which usually are hinted by itchiness, odor, yellowish, greenish or brownish.

Green coconut water can nourish the baby’s hair

Drinking green coconut water has nothing to do with the baby’s hair. But green coconut water is healthy because it contains electrolyte, so everybody, including pregnant ladies may drink green coconut water to keep healthy.

Pregnant women are not allowed to eat lamb meats

Pregnant women are allowed to consume lamb meats in normal portions, unless if the pregnant woman suffers from cholesterol or heart disease. Lamb meats contain high level of saturated fat so it might affect uric acid metabolism that is dangerous for people with high cholesterol or heart disease.

Massaging pregnant woman’s stomach

A lot of people believe in this myth. But massaging the stomach of a pregnant woman can increase the risk of miscarriage and fetal disorders, such as stress or pressure on the fetus. If a fetus is stressed or pressured, the development is also disturbed.


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