Myth During Pregnancy Period

Pregnancy is a time for joy. It is a time when the parents-to-be look forward to the hold their bundle of joy in their arms. Unfortunately, not every mother-to-be is as knowledgeable about pregnancy as she should be. To add the confusion they are often misled by half truths and old wives tales when it comes to their pregnancy week by week. In order to have a healthy pregnancy, women must educate themselves on the early pregnancy symptoms and other pregnancy related issues.

Myth 1 Miscarriages

Many women worry about health issues during their pregnancy. One of the biggest concerns about pregnancy is miscarriages. Miscarriages happen, however, all spotting and bleeding are not signs of miscarriage. Still you must see a doctor immediately in case you have some.

Myth 2 weight gain

Mothers are also worried about their own health during pregnancy. Weight gain is a concern for most new mothers. With the week by week development of the baby, a mother gains about 25-35 pounds. However while eating; a mother-to-be must take care of the quality and not the quantity of food that she eats. She should not think that she has to eat for two! Instead she should follow a good diet plan. She should give up smoking, alcohol and reduce caffeine intake. Mild exercise such as walking and swimming are great ways to maintain ideal weight.

Myth 3 Labor

Many women are afraid of labor as well. They presume labor to be always painful. Labor might be painful for some women, while others may not feel much pain during childbirth. Women today can opt for natural birth or epidurals. Epidurals reduce labor pains. Breathing techniques can also help to reduce pain during natural childbirth. Keeping fit and healthy throughout pregnancy ensures an easy labor.

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