Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms are what a woman really hopes when she’s expecting a baby. The pregnancy shows that the couple has good fertility level and also shows that they don’t have any significant health issues. With the pregnancy symptoms approaching, arrival of the baby is only a matter of time. A family feels more complete with the presence of a very expected baby.

But there are times when a couple doesn’t really understand about those pregnancy symptoms. Sometimes they still get confused about differentiating which are the real pregnancy symptoms with menstruation ones, because in a lot of cases some pregnancy symptoms are quite similar with menstruation symptoms. Not knowing about these things could also cause, in a few cases, miscarriages.

These things happen because of an activity or food consumptions that are not supposed to be done during the pregnancy. Not knowing about pregnancy symptoms could also cause unsuccessful preparations for the pregnancy itself. On the contrary, in a lot of cases, some families get stressed because of the symptoms that they think are pregnancy symptoms; apparently after getting checked a few times it turns out negative. The image of a pregnancy they longed for are gone.

A lot of women see the pregnancy symptoms from just one side, a missed period. It is true, one of the symptoms of pregnancy is a missed period. But a missed period is not caused only by pregnancy, but also eating patterns, stress, exhaustion, hormonal problems, etc. To make sure, besides a missed period, here are the other pregnancy symptoms:

Changes on Breasts

Breasts get bigger during pregnancy, this thing is caused by the increasing of estrogen and progesterone hormones productions. Breasts also feel tenderer, and this causes higher sensitivity that makes breasts feel hurt or sore when you touch them. Nipples get bigger and darken too, sometimes itchy. Vena vessels in breasts will also look more visible because of the swelling.

Furthermore, there is an HPL (Human Placental Lactogen) activity happening. That hormone is produced by the body when the mother gets pregnant to prepare breast milk for your baby when he is being born into the world.

Spotting and Cramping

The spotting happens before the upcoming period, usually happens between 8-10 days after ovulation. Spotting is caused by implantation bleeding or the attachment of embryo on uterine walls. Sometimes people mistake spotting on pregnancy for period.

Moreover, spotting is usually followed by cramps. Cramps happen until the second trimester of pregnancy, until the position of the uterus is at the center and supported by pelvis.

Morning sickness

About 50% pregnant women will experience this. What’s causing it is the increasing of hormone in the bloodstream, all in a sudden. The hormone is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG. The increasing of the hormone also happens in the urinary tract. That’s why pregnancy test packs are done via urine, it is to check whether there is an increasing HCG hormone or not. The increasing of this hormone usually leaves some pain on the stomach and causes nausea. The nauseous feeling is usually gone by the beginning of second trimester. If it still happens in the second trimester, it is best to go to the doctor to do some check-ups and talk about this, because it might harm your pregnancy.

Nausea and morning sickness usually happens in the mornings. But in fact, nausea and morning sickness can also happen in the afternoon and even at night. Some morning sickness happens when the mother smells certain scents.

Frequent Urination

One or two weeks after the missed period, the urge to urinate is more frequent than usual. This is caused by the fetus growing inside the womb, pushing the bladder and also because of the increasing of blood circulation. Moreover bladder is filled with urine faster than usual which causes more frequent urination. This also caused by pregnancy hormone increasing. Do not hold or limit your urination. Also, avoid dehydration with taking more fluids into your body.


Pregnant women experience headaches during pregnancy is caused by physical factor; exhaustion, nausea, hunger, and low blood pressure. And also emotional cause such as, tense and depression. Also the increasing of blood supply to all over the body could cause headaches when changing positions.


Exhaustion and fatigue on pregnant women are caused by, besides hormonal changing, the increasing of some vital organs like kidneys, heart, and lungs. These vital organs work not only for the mother, but also for the baby. A belly that gets bigger would also be a discomfort for the mother.


Constipation happens because of the increasing progesterone hormone. This hormone, besides loosens up the uterus muscles, also loosens up intestine walls muscles that could cause constipation. But the advantage of this is better nutrition absorption during pregnancy.

Hyper Salivation

This symptom is caused by estrogen hormone change, usually happens at the first trimester. It is usually gone after the beginning of second trimester.

The increasing basal body temperature

During pregnancy or ovulation, the basal body temperature will increase. This will last during pregnancy.

The pregnancy symptoms above are personal, not every pregnant woman experience the same symptoms, some women experience them all, some women maybe only experience a few, and some other women may also not experience any issues. To make sure, a pregnancy test definitely needs to be done, whether at home with a test pack or at a laboratory with a blood test or you can try to answer the quiz to determine if your symptoms are pregnancy-related. You can try the quiz –> Pregnancy Test Online

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