Understanding Hormones of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Hormone Estrogen

Produced by ovaries and affects the accretion of uterine endometrium, histology changes on vagina. Affects the growth of mammae gland duct during lactation, controls releasing of LH and FSH, sensitizes uterine muscles, loosens up cervix, vagina, vulva, and causes contractions on uterus. Estrogen also toughens up uterine walls to overcome contractions during labor. This hormone also softens body tissues, so body joints and tissues get weak and can’t support your body very well. Really important for the health of genital system, reproduction organ and breasts.

Might affect body fluids balance so a fluid hoarding could happen and causes swelling. Besides with the increase of this hormone a pregnant woman also feel pain on her back. Might also cause varices.

Pregnancy Hormone Progesterone

This hormone is useful for building layers in the uterine wall to support placenta in the uterus. Also useful to prevent contraction moves or uterine muscles wrinkling, so an early labor can be avoided. This hormone also helps breasts getting ready for lactation.

This hormone can “expand” veins that lowers blood pressure, that is why you get headaches often during pregnancy. This hormone also slows down digestive system, bloating or constipation. This hormone also affects your moods, increases body temperature, fasten your breathing, nausea, and decrease of sex drive during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Hormone MSH (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone)

This hormone stimulates pigmentation on skin.

Darken the color of nipples area. Pigmentation on face, the insides and the lines from navel to below (linea nigra)


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