Foods Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy

  • Don’t eat rare or medium meat such as sushi. This is because rare and medium meat contains of toxoplasma. It is a kind of parasite which can cause serious infection for baby. Moreover, this product contains of ecoli which is also dangerous for pregnant mother.
  • Don’t forget to wash vegetables in the right way. By washing the vegetables in the right way you can prevent toxoplasma. It is very important information especially if you love to eat rare vegetables salad. Don’t play with cat during your pregnancy period because it brings toxoplasma.
  • Don’t eat rare or medium egg and chicken. Just avoid consuming liver of chicken because it becomes the source of salmonella. Salmonella leads you to suffer from diarrhea. It is better to wash the cooking utensils especially if they are used to cook rare chicken meat.
  • Don’t eat tuna, sea bass, or any other fishes which are known containing of high level of mercury. Fishes which contain of high level of mercury can cause nerve damage especially if you eat in a big portion.
  • Soft cheese such as brie and camembert, blueveined, cheese made from sheep milk. Don’t ever try to drink unpasteurized milk. Those products have a possibility to bring listeria. Listeria is a type of bacteria which can pass through placenta and cause fetus infection problem. Even, listeria can cause miscarriage, premature and poisonous blood problem. It is better to avoid those foods during your pregnancy until you birth the baby.
  • Don’t drink alcohol because it leads the baby to suffer from undeveloped fetus and emotional problem for your baby.
  • Try to limit the level of drinking caffeine such as coffee and tea. Coffee leads your baby to suffer from low weight problem, miscarriage and reduce the level of iron absorbed by your baby.


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