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Foods Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy

  Food is one of important factors to keep your pregnancy health. By eating nutritious foods you can keep your health during pregnancy. Furthermore, the baby will also get enough important nutrients to keep them health. Just notice that the development of your baby depends on what you eat during pregnancy. To get good foods [Baca selengkapnya…]

The Principles of Eating Well during Pregnancy

Food is an important key to get a healthy pregnancy. A well eating habit not only keeps pregnant mother health but also keeps the unborn baby health. Remember! The development of the unborn baby depends on what you give to it. One of important things during pregnancy is the food and how you eat the [Baca selengkapnya…]

Important Nutrition during Pregnancy

Pregnancy nutrition

Important Nutrition during Pregnancy. The needs of nutrients on a pregnant woman increases during pregnancy, especially when approaching the second trimester. Because at that moment, the fetal develops fast – especially the brain development and also the nervous system and needs an optimal nutrition. The nutrition needed are: Carbohydrate and fat as sources of energy [Baca selengkapnya…]