The Warning Signs During Pregnancy


There are several Warning Signs During Pregnancy it might cause health problems. If you still want to keep your pregnancy, it is better to consult to the doctor frequently. Moreover, you also need to go to the doctor when it is the time to birth the baby. You also need to know more about the dangerous sign of pregnancy, birthing process, and childbed.

Pregnancy need to be watched if it is the same with the information below:

If the age of the mother is less than 20 years old
It is better to avoid pregnancy in this age because mostly your uterus and pelvis is not grow perfectly yet. As the result, the birthing process will be too long and it is very dangerous for you. Moreover, it seems that a girl under 20 years old is not ready yet to be a mother and taking care of her baby.

If the age of the mother is more than 35 years old

It is better not to pregnant in this age because of your health condition. Moreover, the possibility to have a disable baby is higher. The birthing process is taking too long and the risk of bleeding is higher.

If you already have 4 children or more

This is because of the condition of your uterus. In fact, the more you birthing your baby, the weaker your uterus. The problem happens if you already have 4 children. As the result, you will be suffered from the pregnancy period, birthing process and childbed. Mostly, you will be suffered from bleeding problem.

The birthing period less than 2 years

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