The Dangerous Signs of Pregnancy, Birthing Process and Childbed


The dangerous sign of pregnancy is when there are signs which show something unusual whether from the mother or the baby which can cause dangerous condition. If it is happening to you, you should go to the hospital right away to get hospital emergency treatment. Most mothers can deliver their baby normally. On the hand, 15 up to 20 among 100 pregnant mothers are suffered from pregnancy period, birthing process and childbed.

It can be an unpredictable disruption. For that reason, it is a must for you to know those dangerous signs. It is very important to know the signs so you can go to the doctor right away to safe your life and your baby.

There are 10 dangerous signs you need to know, those are:

If you are suffered from eating disorder and vomiting problem frequently

It is a normal condition if you are suffered from vomiting in 1 up to 3 months of pregnancy period. In fact, this condition will be gone after 3 moths of pregnancy period. The problem appears when the problem doesn’t stop and even happen frequently. In this condition, you will be weak and even limp. Definitely, this condition is very dangerous for you and your baby.

If your weight doesn’t increase

This is concerning to the fact that most of pregnant mothers will be gained weight around 9kg up to 12kg. It is a common thing because your fetus and your body are developed. Commonly, your weight will be increased in the 4 months of pregnancy period up to delivering time. If you weight doesn’t increase in the end of 4 months of pregnancy period or less than 45 kg in the end of second trimester, there is a possibility that there is a problem in the development of the fetus. Even, it might dangerous for the fetus. It seems that you are lack of nutrients or suffered from health problems such as chronic cough or malaria. It is a must for you to treat those diseases first.


Bleeding commonly happens in the birthing line. Bleeding can be happened in the pregnancy period, birthing process, and childbed. Definitely, it is one of dangerous sign of pregnancy which can cause dead for the mother and the baby.

  1. Bleeding through the birthing line before 3 months of pregnancy can be caused by miscarriage. You have to go to the doctor right away. In several cases, fetus can be helped. If it is not, you need to take further treatment to keep your health.
  2. Bleeding through the birthing line along with chronic abdominal pain. It happens if you don’t get menstrual period around 1 or 2 months. Definitely, it is very dangerous. Your life can be threatened and it is a must for you to go to the hospital for further treatment.
  3. 7 up to 9 months bleeding problem will be a problem for you even it is only a little blood. Definitely, it is also dangerous for your baby. It is better for you to go to the hospital for further treatment.
  4. High level of bleeding 1 hour after delivering the baby is very dangerous. In fact, it is one of causes of death for pregnant mother. This condition leads you to death less than 2 hours. Absolutely, you have to be treated intensively.
  5. Bleeding in childbed period (in 42 days after delivering the baby) frequently. Commonly, it is followed by bad smell and fever. It is also a dangerous sign and you have to go to the doctor for further treatment.

Swelling in your hand face, dizzy, and strain

It is a normal condition if you are suffered swelling in less than 6 months of pregnancy period. It will be a problem if the swelling is followed by high blood pressure and dizziness. If you let this condition without any kind of treatment, you can be strain. This condition is known as exclamation or poisonous in pregnancy.

This condition leads to death whether for the mother and the baby. If you are suffered more than one symptom it means you have to go to the doctor right away for further treatment.

There is no movement from the fetus

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