The Dangerous Signs of Pregnancy, Birthing Process and Childbed

In the normal condition, you can feel the movement of the fetus especially in 4 or 5 months of pregnancy period. Then, you will feel the movement recently. A healthy fetus will move constantly. It will be a problem if your fetus doesn’t show any movement up to 12 hours. Just go to the hospital for further treatment.

Fetus disposition

In the normal condition, the head of your baby is at the bottom of uterus. The position is in the spine. During the delivering process, the head will go down and enter the pelvis. There is a condition known as disposition. Of course, you have to go to the hospital for further treatment. The fetus disposition is including:
1. Breech: the head of the baby is at the top of uterus
2. Latitude: the position of the baby is transverse within the uterus
If during the delivering process you see the other parts of the body, it means you have to go to the hospital immediately.

Premature rupture of membrane

Commonly, the membrane will be rupture during the delivering process. Later, you will feel heartburn and mucus along with blood. The color of the membrane is yellow and clear. If the membrane is rupture before the time, you can be easily infected. Of course, it is very dangerous for you and your baby. It is a must for you to go to the doctor for further treatment.

Long period of delivering process

The delivering process is from the time you feel the heartburn. The process has to be done less than 12 hours. Commonly, it will be faster for your next child.

If the baby doesn’t come up after more than 12 hours it is known as long period of delivering process. The doctor will give you some actions. The action is to prevent you from bleeding and infection problem.

The disease of pregnant mother which affected pregnancy

The development of the fetus is determined by the condition of the mother. If you have specific chronic disease it means the fetus will get the impact.
Those diseases are including
1. Heart disease: irregular heart pulse, breathing problem while doing your regular activities.
2. Chronic anemia: pale, dizzy, and weak.
3. Tuberculosis: chronic cough, eating disorder, weight loss, swelling at night.
4. Malaria: high fever regularly, pale and weak
5. Genital tract infection: whitish and pain around genital area.
If you are suffered from those diseases, it means you go to the doctor for further medication.

High fever in childbed period

If you are suffered from high fever in childbed period (in 42 days after delivering process) more than 2 days along with bad smelly mucus it means you are suffered from birthing line infection. In this condition, the line is still bleed and definitely it is very dangerous for you. Go to the doctor to get further treatment.


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