The Warning Signs During Pregnancy

It is important to notice the birthing period. In this case, your health and uterus are not fully recovered yet. If you force to pregnant, the fetus can’t develop well, long period of birthing process and even bleeding problem.

If your height is less than 145 cm

The problem of having height less than 145 cm with pregnancy is about the narrow pelvis. If you have a narrow pelvis, it means the birthing process will be very difficult. For those who really want to pregnant with this condition, it is better to consult to the doctor first.

If you have upper arm circumference less than 23.5 cm

It is necessary to watch this condition because there is possibility that you are suffered from lack of energy or nutrient. Commonly, the baby will have low weight problem. Even, you also need to face the risk of undeveloped fetus problem.

The pregnancy history

It is very important to check your pregnancy history especially if you have a problem in your previous pregnancy. The pregnancy history you need to notice is written as follow:
1. Bleeding
2. Strain
3. High fever
4. Long period of birthing process (>12 hours)
5. Caesar
6. Stillbirths


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