The Causes of Pain in Uterus during Pregnancy

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Pelvic muscle pain

Pain in pelvic muscle is a normal thing at the first trimester of pregnancy. This pain might change time to time and in varied intensities, from light pain such as cramps, like what William Sears said on his book “the Pregnancy Book”. Ligament muscles that support the uterus will stretch a little bit by the uterine growth, and the stretch that you can feel the most is at the starting trimesters. The pain may spread to the uterus or even spreads further to the stomach area, pelvis, and lower back.

Fetal position change

Fetal movement is very fast because it usually happens on the 16th and 25th weeks on pregnancy. This movement is usually very slow and will felt like the fetus slides inside your uterus. By the growth of fetus, you will feel more of the fetal movement and in some cases; you will feel the fetus kicking. If the movement stops in a sudden or drastically slowing down, contact your obstetrician immediately. Even though the fetal position movement doesn’t connect directly to the fetal health, but if there are only a few movements, you need to beware of this. According to Sears, this might the sign that your pregnancy is troubled.

Irregular light contractions

According to the book “Biology: Life on Earth with Physiology,” irregular light contractions happen at the starting of pregnancy or usually on the sixth week, but some of the expecting women don’t experience this thing. These contractions happen because of the contraction in the uterine muscles. Some doctors say that this contraction happens when a female body is preparing for a labor. The contractions cause ticklish feeling, cramps, or even pain when the uterus contracts and stretches. Some women state that they feel pain when the irregular light contractions happen. If they happen four times or more during one hour period, and your pregnancy is less than 37 weeks old, contact your doctor immediately.

Other causes

Pregnancy causes a woman becomes more sensitive about the condition of her uterus. The air in stomach can cause light pain that might felt like the fetus is sliding inside her uterus. Some women feel her uterus throbbing when she gets the pain. According to Sears, this condition happens because of the increase of blood flow. There are a few things that could cause uterine muscles getting weak such as heavy work outs, hunger, and also stress. When the uterine muscles get weak, that’s when the pain appears.

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