Itchy Skin during Pregnancy – Here Are How to Overcome It

Itchy skin during pregnancy

There are three causes of itch during pregnancy, dry skin, stretch marks on stomach skin, and PUPP symptom. PUPP stands for Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy that usually happens because of the increase of gonadotropin and estrogen hormone activities. Level of itch also varies. Starting from the lightest up to the one that causes rashes on skin. Even in some cases, there are also swell and red spots. This case usually happens on women who are expecting twins or first child. The itch will appear in the stomach area or stretch marks that spreads to the arms and thighs. This event could be very dangerous for both the mother and the baby. The effect is also very uncomfortable. In usual case, the doctor will usually give you tropic ointment or recommend antihistamin.

Actually most of the itch cases that happen during pregnancy are not dangerous because this is a normal case. But if you feel really uncomfortable, contact the doctor immediately. The itch is usually gone a moment after giving birth. Usually the itch will appear again if the mother is in a place with a hot weather. Wear loose-fitting clothes and also made of cotton so the air circulation will still keep on going. It’s better to stay at home when it’s hot outside. But if you really have to, prepare some wet wipes or a mini fan to keep the skin from drying.

Tips to reduce itch

Usually when someone feels itch on his body, he will scratch it and this causes skin irritation or secondary infection. That’s why, be careful when scratching or it’s better if you just hold it in. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable. Here are some tips to reduce the itch.

1.    Use some moisturizer lotion. Keep your skin moisturized during pregnancy because the risk of getting itches will be very high. Using moisturizer lotion will help reduce the scratching marks. Just apply the lotion on the areas that itch, like stomach or chest area.

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