7 Ways to Cope With Back Pain during Pregnancy

1. Practice good postures

Because the baby that you’re carrying is growing bigger each day, your body gravity will move forward. To avoid falling because of the weight, you can look for a support for your back. Here are some principles for good postures:

  • Stand up straight.
  • Pull up your chin.
  • Make sure your shoulders are leaning back and relaxed.
  • Do not close your knees.

When you stand up, decide which position is the most comfortable for you. When you have to stand up for quite a while, rest one of your feet on a low small stool – and rest for a little bit.
Good posture also means sitting down carefully. Choose a chair that supports your back, or place a little pillow behind your lower back. Keep your upper back and your neck in a straight comfortable position. You can also consider resting your feet on a low stool.

2. Wear the right clothes

Wear low heeled shoes that are supported with good curves. Wear special trousers or pants and also maternal clothes with low and supportive belt. You can also wear special belts for pregnant ladies. Even though the research about the belt’s affectivity is very limited, some pregnant ladies stated that the additional support was really helpful.

3. Lift things with the right position

When you are about to lift small things, squat and then lift using your feet. Don’t bend your waist or lift using your back. It is important for you to know your limit. If you don’t think you can do it, you can find a help.

4. Sleep sideways

It’s better if you sleep sideways, don’t sleep on your back. Make sure one or both knees are flexed. Place a pillow between your knees or other body parts below the stomach to help your sleeping position, or use a body-sized pillow.

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