Endometriosis and Pregnancy

Endometriosis does not belong to cancer even though the tissue grows abnormally. The abnormality of the Endometriosis is not caused by the tissue itself, but it is caused by the placement which is in the outside of women uterus. To women who are not pregnant, the endometrium will be thrown during menstruation, and during pregnancy, the endometrium will be one of the food source for the fetus.

Endometriosis can cause dysfunctional of some reproduction organs for women. It usually disturbs the fallopian tube, ovaries, and other organs. Endometriosis can cause the difficulty of fertilization process so the fetus is hard to be shaped. That is why the sufferer of endometriosis will be difficult to have a child. Then, if pregnancy happens, there will be high possibility of ectopic pregnancy.


Endometriosis has typical symptoms which are:

  • During menstruation, the stomach will hurt so badly and sometimes it will be followed by spasms on the abdominal muscle.
  • There will be pain in the waist whenever you want to sit
  • There will be pain in the back and side of the pelvic area
  • The symptom of Endometriosis is almost the same as the feeling when you have ulcer.
  • There will be pain in the anus area during defecating
  • The vagina seems to be thicken
  • There are red spots before the period of menstruation comes.
  • Felling pain during having sex
  • There are so much amount of blood during menstruation

If endometriosis happens because of hormonal problem, then it can be cured by using medicine to control hormone production. If endometriosis is like cyst, the treatment can be done by laparoscopy which is followed by hormonal therapy. If the surgery is well done, then the woman who has endometriosis will get the possibility to be pregnant again. However, there are also some cases when women who have endometriosis can be pregnant without doing any surgery before, and the symptom of the endometriosis decreases as well. Therefore, you do not need to be worried if you have endometriosis. You should think positively and do therapy or suitable treatment with technical instruction from your doctor.

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