Ectopic Pregnancy


Ectopic pregnancy occurs to about 1% of the entire pregnancy and this is an emergency condition when it needs to be helped as soon as possible. If there is no action to this condition, it will be dangerous for the mother because of the bleeding in the abdominal cavity, not in the outside. In the ectopic pregnancy case, the embryo has little possibility to stay alive. However, few conditions, the example of abdominal pregnancy, pregnancy and embryo can survive until the maternity time, and if the maternity occurs in Caesarean surgery, there is hope and possibility that the baby can be born alive.

The Causes of Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy can be caused by various reasons, and the most occurred reason is there is infection in the fallopian tube. There is high possibility that ectopic pregnancy can occur when:

  • Mother had the history of ectopic pregnancy before
  • Mother had surgery in the area of fallopian tube
  • Mother had Diethylstilbestrol (DES) during pregnancy
  • The condition of fallopian tube has congenital abnormality
  • There is history of transmitted sexual diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

The Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy

When the pregnancy reaches 6-10 weeks, a mother who has ectopic pregnancy will feel some symptoms such as:

  • The pregnant mother feels pain on the one side of waist area and it happens suddenly.
  • There is bleeding in vagina outside the menstruation schedule, or abnormal menstruation.
  • Feeling deep sore in the bottom side of stomach
  • Sometimes the pregnant mother faint

Advanced Stage Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy

  • Pain in the stomach which often occur
  • The pregnant mother’s skin looks pale
  • Low blood pressure
  • The pulse rate increased


Ectopic pregnancy is usually hard to be diagnosed by the doctor because of the symptoms and signs of pregnancy in ectopic pregnancy also happen to normal pregnancy. There are some ways that can be done to detect ectopic pregnancy, which are:

  • Using USG (ultrasonography). By using USG, doctor can detect the ectopic pregnancy because the damage and bleeding in fallopian tube can be detected and also the embryo in the outside of the uterus can be detected as well.
  • Using measure towards HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin – pregnancy homone) rates. The HCG rate of pregnant mother who has ectopic pregnancy is usually not increased.
  • Doing small surgery by giving small incision in the lower abdomen (laparoscopy)


The doctor will always cancel the ectopic pregnancy by giving medicine that will hold the embryo growth. The long term effect can be avoided if the ectopic pregnancy can be detected early. If the ectopic pregnancy has detected earlier, it can be handled by giving injected medicine so it can be permeated by pregnant mother. This thing will make the fallopian tube in full condition. If the condition becomes serious, such as the fallopian tube had swollen, so the doctor will do surgery.


About 12% of women will have ectopic again if they ever had this kind of condition before. Women will be fertile again after having ectopic pregnancy (60%), severe trauma after having ectopic pregnancy which is followed by the desire not to be pregnant again (30%), and about 10% of women will have fertile problem after having ectopic pregnancy.

Positive support from husbands, families, or friends will be needed for women who ever had ectopic pregnancy. Hopefully, it will decrease the traumatic experience from ectopic pregnancy so the recovery and the feeling to be pregnant again can be fully back (of course by seeing the condition after having ectopic pregnancy). Consult your condition to the doctor or midwife if you want to be pregnant again after having ectopic pregnancy. It is important thing to do so the doctor or midwife can give the steps that you should do to avoid ectopic pregnancy. And if you decide to get pregnant again, you should be tightly watched in the next pregnancy so the pregnancy can be done greatly until the maternity time.


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