Miscarriage – causes and signs


cause of miscarriageMiscarriage is one of the most feared by pregnant women. The thought of the presence of the baby, cute little baby when miscarriage already gone over. Compounded by pain, stress, and even trauma haunts pregnant women who had a miscarriage.

Therefore, let us know about what is a miscarriage, what causes it and how the signs of this miscarriage. In order to know about the ins and outs of miscarriages, miscarriages are expected to be avoided. Miscarriage is defined as the discharge of the fetus or premature labor before being able to live. The risk of miscarriage has a percentage of 15% – 40% of pregnant women, and 60-75% of miscarriages occur before the age of 3 months of pregnancy. However, the number of events or risk of miscarriage decreases in gestational age over 3 months.

Occurrence Cause Miscarriage 

The factors that cause a miscarriage are:

  • Abnormalities in the fetus due to chromosomal abnormalities, which occur during the process of fertilization. As a result, the embryo is formed and issued defective body. 
  • Maternal abnormalities, such as abnormalities in hormonal system (prolactin can is too high or too low progesterone), the immune system, chronic infections, and serious illness suffered by the pregnant mother.
  • Abnormalities in the uterus. The most common abnormality is the presence of myoma (a tumor of muscle tissue) that can interfere with the growth of the embryo. Other abnormalities include a uterus is too weak to be able to withstand the weight of the developing fetus. Pregnancy in a uterus that is too weak usually can only last until the end of the first trimester. 
  • Other causes are infection, such as TORCH virus, HIV, Hepatitis, etc.
  • Miscarriage can also be caused by lifestyle. Women who have smoking habits, consume alcohol, obesity or underweight can have a hormonal disorder that results pregnancy disorders. 

Signs of Miscarriage 

Before the miscarriage actually happens, usually there are some signs that indicate that something is not right in the pregnancy. The signs of a miscarriage are:

· Bleeding

Bleeding is the most common sign. Bleeding can occur only in the form of patches lasting until bleeding. Sometimes there is a section of the torn tissue that comes out with the blood. For example, part of the uterine wall tissue is torn or torn amniotic sac.

Sometimesthere areparts ofthe torntissuethatcomeoutwithblood

·  Stomach cramps or spasms

This signfeelsa bit likecramps early in the coming months. This cramping usually lasts over and over long periods of time. Cramps or spasms can also occur in the pelvic area.

·  Pain in the Lower Abdomen

Pain in the lower abdomen occurs in a long time. Besides in the abdomen, the pain can also occur at the bottom of the pelvis, groin and genital area. This pain occurs within a few hours to several days after bleeding symptoms.

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