When the Pregnancy Exceeds the Actual Time


As mentioned before, if a pregnant mother exceeds 42 weeks of pregnancy and the baby in the womb does not show maternity signs, the obstetrician will check whether the mother’s pregnancy really exceeds the time. Usually, the doctor will check and evaluate through the USG notes during the early trimester and when the mother had her last menstruation. If it is true that the pregnancy time exceeds the normal time, so the doctor will try to find the cause and also check the baby condition in the womb. The amount of amniotic fluid, cardiotocography and placental maturity are also checked to guarantee mother and baby’s safety.

After checking the embryo condition in the womb, the doctor can decide whether the maternity should be done quickly or not. In this case, the doctor will also consider the way of maternity that should be used. For normal maternity, the doctor usually uses induction through certain ways and medicines. If the induction is failed or the embryo condition is impossible, for example the baby size is too big or emergency embryo, the doctor will suggest the mother to do the caesarean section.

That is why pregnant mother should prepare her mentality and physical condition perfectly from the beginning of the pregnancy. They also do not need to worry about post term pregnancy because it rarely happens, and this kind of pregnancy would not danger as long as the embryo condition is monitored meticulously by the doctor.

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