How Early Can You Take a Pregnancy Test

As a woman, you must be aware of your body conditions and changes that happen in your body. When you feel that your breasts are sore, you missed period, you feel nauseated and experience vaginal discharge, you definitely know that there is a very high chance that you might be pregnant. However, when you take the pregnancy test and the result turns out to be negative, you might be very confused. If it happens, don’t be discouraged. Try to take the test again in the next three or five days. If you are really pregnant, your HCG level will be increased after three days and the home free pregnancy test kit you use definitely will show positive result. You can also try taking blood test in the hospital but the result might only come after several days.

However, it is a good idea as well to answer the quiz to determine if your symptoms are pregnancy-related. You can try the quiz –> Online Pregnancy Test

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