Causes of Back Pain during Pregnancy

The position where you bend down, your waist will start to feel like sitting on a chair and leaning forward when working on the table and will make the pelvis posterior hurt even more. Women with pelvis posterior also tend to experience pain on their pubic bones.

Is It Possible For the Pelvis to Experience Rheumatic?

When lower back pain spread to your buttocks and thighs area, you might feel confused with pain on pelvis which is a relatively uncommon condition. It is true that pelvis with rheumatic, which is caused by the bulging of the lower back area, is experienced by only 1 percent of pregnant women.

If you experience pelvis pain, your feet usually will hurt more than your back pain. You might feel pain below the knees, or might even spread to your feet and toes. And you might feel it “going to sleep”, or some even feels numb. With a severe case of rheumatic pelvis, you might even feel numb on your hips or genital area. You might even experience difficulties on urinating or defecating.

If you experience pain on your pelvis, make sure to check it up to the doctor. Check it up immediately if you feel loss of pain or weakened foot or feet or loss of pain on hips, bladder, or genitalia (which makes it difficult to urinate or defecate).

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