Baby Skin Care

Moisturizing regularly with lotions and creams formulated for infants helps retain moisture. Excessive bathing isn’t necessary and in fact can sap a baby’s skin of moisture. Never use hot water for bathing. Like adults, babies prefer warm water. If your baby has cradle cap which resembles scaly dirty-looking skin, gently scrub top of head with a soft brush. If cradle cap doesn’t go away, have the baby’s physician take a look. Wind and cold can also cause dry skin so protect your baby when outside. If the air in your home is dry, consider getting a humidifier to add moisture.

Because a baby’s skin doesn’t yet perspire properly, babies aren’t efficient at controlling their body temperatures. Sometimes, heat rashes can develop. Be sure to dress babies in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that’s appropriate for the temperature to avoid these rashes that resemble red patches or pinkish-red bumps.

Good habits begin early and it’s never too soon to develop a proper baby skin care routine!

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