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Antenatal Care During Pregnancy – First Trimester

antenatal care during pregnancy

By the eight or ninth week of your pregnancy, you should have seen your family doctor and registered for antenatal care. If not, then make an appointments as soon as possible. Where you actually receive your antenatal care, and the type of care that you receive, is usually linked with where you ultimate want your [Baca selengkapnya…]

Bonding With Your Partner During Pregnancy

bonding with partner during pregnancy

It is important to bonding with your partner during pregnancy. You have to share emotions and activities together with your partner during the long weeks and months of pregnancy. Normally, a lot of the recognition from the family doctor, medical staff and midwives, and coming from family members and friends is going to be dedicated [Baca selengkapnya…]

Check for Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks are something that many women worry about during pregnancy and sometimes even before pregnancy. The vast majority of pregnant women will get stretch marks on some part or parts of their bodies. Studies say that 50 to 90 percent of pregnant women will get them at some point in their pregnancy. Stretch marks, [Baca selengkapnya…]

Five Ways to Prevent Miscarriage

According to National Infertility Association and contrary to the common belief, as many as 70% of pregnancies may end in miscarriage! With more than 50% of losses going undetected and mistaken for a period. Formerly it was believed that only 15-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Those figures seems small to the alarmingly high numbers reported today.

The two most common reasons a miscarriage occurs are:

1. The product of pregnancy – the embryo was damaged and could not develop into a healthy baby.

2. The environment – the embryo’s environment did not support its healthy development.